Hilmon School
Early Childhood
Learning Center
2127 W. North Bend Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45224

TEL: 513-681-5439

Monday through Friday
6:30 am to 6:30 pm


6 Weeks – 12 Months

Hilmon School would like to welcome you to our Infant Program, ages 6 weeks to 12 months. The Infant Program will focus on creating a nurturing learning environment where your child can feel safe and secure. We will provide you a detailed report of how your child’s day was, so you will not miss a moment of your precious child’s growth.

Each child will be assigned to a primary caregiver to make sure that we provide the maximum amount of attention to each child. We have created a safe, healthy and well balanced environment to enhance each child’s individual needs. Our infant classrooms are designed to begin working on the six developmental domains that are the core of life success. These six domains are physical health, emotional development, social development, motor development, language development, and cognitive development. We will promote growth in each of these domains by implementing developmentally appropriate and engaging activities for our infants.

We believe it is very important to begin developing language at an early age. In our infant classrooms we will foster your child’s language by talking lovingly while interacting with your child. We also begin teaching each child American Sign Language as a mean to communicate their wants and needs clearly to adults. Signing provides language skills and promotes communication.

Areas of Development

Physical Health

Infants need good health and nutrition from the very beginning. This is essential in laying the foundation for a baby’s optimal growth and development.

Emotional Development

Each infant will gain the security they need by being assigned a primary caregiver that will tend to their individual needs. They will gain a sense of trust by being talked to lovingly and receiving one on one attention each day.

Social Development

Infants will be given ample support and guidance from caregivers to encourage positive social interaction between themselves and their peers.

Motor Development

Infants will be provided with a safe space for exploration of movement. They will be encouraged to participate in tummy time to begin strengthening their core muscles.

Language and Communication Development

We will develop your child’s language and communication skills by teaching your child a different sign from American Sign Language biweekly. We will focus on developing their verbal skills by reading books, reciting songs and fingerplays.

Cognitive Development

Each of our infant classrooms provide an environment that is well organized with a selection of easily accessible age appropriate materials that will encourage discovery and learning.


7:00-8:30: Greeting of children and parents, individual schedules set up on daily sheets, feedings prepared for children that have not eaten

8:30-9:30: Quiet activities

9:30-10:00: Story time

10:00-10:30: Music and movement or outside play (Buggy rides may be taken or play in the infant swings outside)

10:30-3:00: Those children who are not napping or eating will be engaging in play time with teachers and other children. This may consist of ball play, rolling, tummy time, blocks, puppets, peek-a-boo, and more. Art projects may be done during this time, as well.

3:00-3:30: Music and Movement or outside play

3:30-5:00: Those children not napping or eating will be engaging in free play. During this time children may be on mats on the floor, swinging in bouncy seats, or in jump-a-roos.

5:00-6:00: Preparing for children’s departure, updating parents on their child’s day.

Ratio 1:5 or 2:12