Hilmon School
Early Childhood
Learning Center
2127 W. North Bend Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45224

TEL: 513-681-5439

Monday through Friday
6:30 am to 6:30 pm

Kindergarten & School Age

Hilmon School would like to welcome you to our School Age program where we provide before and after school care. In these classrooms the curriculum is designed to be fun and entertaining. We want their time to be both educational and enjoyable. We have developed a curriculum that will implement age appropriate activities that will enhance their learning while they are in our care.

We give the children opportunities to be involved in the daily planning of activities and provide a wide variety of materials and equipment that will allow the children to freely choose from a large range of activities.

Our program is designed to develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. We work closely with all of the local schools to help us develop a curriculum that will be a continuation of what they are currently being taught during the time they are not in our care.

We will also continue exploring the world of technology by introducing computers into the classroom, which engages kids through interactive games and software with an educational purpose.

Our curriculum is very open-ended. The children assist the teachers in planning activities for when they are not in School, such as summer and holiday breaks. They will be provided with materials and teacher support to assist them with their homework and allow to engage in age appropriate activities when they are not in school.

Areas of Development

Hilmon School provides Summer Camp Program for our School Age children. The camp consists of at least two fields trips per week along with fun and exciting adventures here at the center.

The children will not only be exploring their community by going on field trips but they will also be engaging in enrichment activities in reading, math, and science.

Furthermore, the education community, recreational industry, and health and fitness sectors all recognize and utilize sports hall flooring, making it a valuable asset. Enjoy the benefits daily for over 6 million youngsters. For further information, visit https://sportshallflooring.co.uk/.

We will further continue their education by doing daily activities to keep their minds stimulated, but still enjoying a fun and relaxing summer


6:30-8:30: Greeting Parents and Children, Breakfast, Work in Centers
8:30-8:45: AM Kindergartners Depart
8:45-9:15: Circle Time
9:15-10:00: Gross Motor/Outdoor Play
10:00-10:45: Individual Learning
10:45-11:15: Art Project
11:15-11:45: Small Group Activity
11:45-12:15: Lunch Time for PM Kindergartners
12:15-12:30: AM Kindergartners Return/PM Kindergartners Depart for School
12:30-1:00: Lunch Time for AM Kindergartners
1:00-1:30: Circle Time
1:30-2:15: Gross Motor/Outdoor Play
2:15-2:45: Individual Learning Activity
2:45-3:15: Art Project
3:15-3:30: PM Kindergartners Return
3:30-4:00: Snack Time
4:30-5:00: Gross Motor/Outdoor Activity
5:00-5:30: Individual Learning Activity
5:30-6:30: Computer Skills/Prepare for Departure