Hilmon School
Early Childhood
Learning Center
2127 W. North Bend Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45224

TEL: 513-681-5439

Monday through Friday
6:30 am to 6:30 pm

Early Toddlers

12 – 18 months

Hilmon School would like to welcome you to our Early Toddler Program ages 12 months to 18 months. Each child will be assigned a primary caregiver to make sure that we provide the maximum amount of attention to each individual child. In the Early Toddler program our staff will support your child in becoming more independent in ways such as using utensils at lunch, drinking out of a sippy cup and sleeping on a cot at 16 months. We will continue to encourage exploration of the world around them by creating a safe and nurturing learning environment.

We have created a safe, healthy and well balanced environment to enhance each child’s individual needs. Our Early Toddler program is designed to continue focusing on the six developmental domains that are at the core of success in life. These six domains are physical health, emotional development, social development, motor development, language and communication development, and cognitive development. We will promote growth in each of these domains by implementing developmentally appropriate and engaging activities for these children.

We will continue to encourage the children to use and learn American Sign Language to support communication with each child. We will also begin to develop their verbal skills through activities implemented by our loving and caring staff. In this classroom we will begin to introduce a teacher-facilitated circle time where the children will begin learning about shapes, colors, numbers, and letters by reading stories, singing songs and more.

Areas of Development

Physical Health

Our staff will guide each child in making good choices for themselves. These choices will lead the children into a healthy and well-rounded future.

Emotional Development

Our staff will encourage our early toddlers to use verbal skills to express emotions to describe their wants and needs.

Social Development

Through social guidance and imitation early toddlers learn safety rules, basic health procedures and appropriate social interactions with their peers.

Motor Development

Early toddlers will engage in outdoor activities on our spacious playgrounds and inclusive play equipment that are designed to meet the physical needs of this specific age group. We will work on fine motor skills by introducing specific art materials, such as crayons and play dough, to begin the use of their tiny fingers.

Furthermore, did you know that studies have indicated that adding playground painting can raise kids’ levels of physical activity during recess? Your playground can be zoned to promote various types of play and activity. It has been demonstrated that this strategy enhances behavior both indoors and outdoors.

Language and Communication Development

We will continue learning and using American Sign Language in our daily activities. Early toddlers will increase their verbal skills by participating in activities done during circle time.

Cognitive Development

We will increase each child’s development through a wide range of teacher facilitated activities in the following areas: art, music and movement, sensory, gross motor, and language arts.


6:30-8:00: Greeting of Children and Parents, Breakfast, Diaper changing

8:00-8:30: Free play in the Centers

8:30-9:00: Circle Time, Exercises, Language Skills

9:00-10:00: Art/Small Motor Skills

10:00-10:30: Outside Play/Gross Motor

10:30-11:15: Diaper Changes, Hand washing, Lunch Preparation

11:15-12:00: Lunch Time

12:00-1:00: Clean up, Diaper Checks, Story Time/Library

1:00-3:00: Nap/Rest Time

3:00-3:30: Diaper Changes, Hand Washing, Snack

3:30-4:00: Circle Time, Language Skills

4:00-4:30: Outside play/Gross motor

4:30-5:00: Diaper Changes, Hand Washing, Free Play in the Centers

5:00-6:30: One on Ones, Table Top Toys, Prepare for Departure

Ratio 1:6 or 2:12